Seoul in Cloud Atlas

Hey! There’s a new David Mitchell interview…in German, printed by a Swiss newspaper, and Google Translate doesn’t quite do the trick. (Although it’s amusing to see The Bone Clocks translated as “The Bone Watches.”)

Mitchell answers questions about the structure of his books, the fun of mimicking different literary voices, and how readers have responded to his turn toward genre fiction. He also sheds some light on characters like Crispin Hershey and Hugo Lamb:

“I’m glad you find Hugo Lamb unappealing,” Mitchell tells the interviewer. “… He’s an ass, yes, but he may not be a complete ass – fictional asses are just as boring as those made of flesh and blood.”

Badly auto-translated version here.

(Any readers fluent in German and wouldn’t mind translating the interview? Drop us a line in the comments below. Thanks!)