If you weren’t able to snag a spot at the 2017 David Mitchell conference in Fife, Scotland, but you’ve got something to contribute to the ongoing discourse on our favorite genre-hopping novelist, there’s good news — you can still share your ideas by contributing to a special issue of C21 Literature dedicated entirely to Mitchell’s work.

Dr. Sarah Dillon, Dr. Rose Harris-Birtill and David Mitchell at the 2017 David Mitchell Conference on June 3. Credit: Rose Harris-Birtill

The literary journal is accepting submissions through Sept. 1, 2017, and you don’t have to be an academic to contribute:

“This call for papers covers any area related to David Mitchell’s writing. Topics may include, but are not limited to, any aspect of David Mitchell’s works and:

– Postmodernism and the contemporary
– Globalisation, capitalism, world-mapping
– Time, history, the Anthropocene
– Experimental poetics, narratology
– Biopolitics, ecocriticism, posthumanism
– Dystopia and utopia
– Postcolonialism and world history
– Religion and mythology
– Gender, ethnicity, sexuality, transgender and queer readings
– Science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, autobiography
– Digital humanities, social media storytelling
– Musicality, film, multimedia performance
– Terrorism, politics and international security
– Aging and mortality
– Literature and science
– Popular culture, high and low genres
– Influences and contemporaries
– Translation, non-fiction, intertextuality
– Panopticism and surveillance
– Dis/ability studies
– Teaching Mitchell in universities and beyond
– Fan communities and fictions”

If you’ve always wanted to write a 6,000-word essay on the Moon Gray Cat, now’s your chance! Got questions? Direct them to the incredibly helpful Dr Rose Harris-Birtill, who is guest editing the issue, at rhb8@st-andrews.ac.uk or to C21 Literature editor-in-chief Dr Katy Shaw at Katy.shaw@leedsbeckett.ac.uk