is a fan site dedicated to novelist David Mitchell’s metatext.

What’s a metatext? Good question. Since David Mitchell’s second book, number9dream, fans have noticed characters and symbols have a way of reappearing, as if they’re all part of the same universe. A point-of-view character from Mr. Mitchell’s debut, Ghostwritten, appears in Black Swan Green as the protagonist’s classmate. The family name of a privileged aristocrat from The Bone Clocks is borrowed by an atemporal in Slade House. A ruthless Mongolian organized crime enforcer, last seen following an irrepressible urge planted by a noncorpum in Ghostwritten, shows up again on a Yakuza-owned construction site in number9dream. Louisa Rey, star of Cloud Atlas’ detective novel chapter, phones New York DJ Bat Segundo on the night the world ends.

You get the idea. And that just scratches the surface — it seems like every reread yields new connections, new threads tying Mr. Mitchell’s books together.’s mission is not only to provide a place where Mr. Mitchell’s fans can find information on their favorite novelist, but also as a place where they can help catalog these connections between his books, working together to glimpse the larger metastory. Your wacky theories and thematic insights are also welcome here. exists because Mitchell’s worldbuilding deserves just as much nerdy attention to detail as your favorite science fiction or fantasy series.

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