Name: Fred Pink
Aliases: “Famous Fred Pink”
Age: 30s or 40s early in Slade House; 60s or 70s in later chapters
Affiliations: Slade House, The Fox and the Hounds
First appearance: Slade House


Fred Pink was a laborer who was the last person to see Rita and Nathan Bishop before they entered the aperture in Slade Alley, leading to the orison of Slade House created by Norah and Jonah Grayer. On that fateful day in 1979, Fred was approached by a confused Rita Bishop, who asked if he’d ever heard of Slade Alley. After pointing Rita in the right direction, Fred went on his way, was hit by a car, and spent the next several years in a coma.

After waking, Fred decided to catch up on the world by reading through newspapers printed during the years he was unconscious. That’s when he stumbled upon an article about Rita and Nathan Bishop, who had gone missing under strange circumstances.

Fred Pink had become something of a local celebrity since waking from his coma, with local newspapers running stories about his miraculous recovery after years in a vegetative state. That earned him the moniker “Famous” Fred Pink among some locals, some of whom used it derisively.
“Shining Armour”

Disturbed by the account of the Bishops’ disappearance, Fred reported what he’d seen to police, telling them he was absolutely sure about his encounter with them because they were the last people he’d spoken to before the accident that put him in a coma.

The task of following up on Fred’s lead falls on Detective Inspector Gordon Edmonds, who’s none to thrilled with the assignment, but heads over to Slade Alley to investigate anyway.

“Nathan Bishop, whose photo Fred cut out of the newspaper,” Gordon muses to himself in the next chapter. “Trevor Doolan got Debs to photocopy it and pin it above our desks, so Famous Fred Pink could see how seriously the Thames Valley Force was taking his lead.”

Like other detectives who had canvassed the neighborhood in 1979 immediately after Rita and Nathan Bishop disappeared, Edmonds didn’t believe a mansion belonging to aristocrats could be wedged somewhere in between the surrounding lots on Slade Alley. Thus, he was shocked when he found the small iron door in Slade Alley leading to the house and its tiered gardens, where he met an attractive widow named Chloe Chetwynd.

“Oink Oink”

Fred Pink doesn’t make an appearance in the “Oink Oink” chapter, centered around college student Sally Timms, but he’s mentioned when the leader of the school’s paranormal group sheepishly admits he got his leads on Slade House from Famous Fred Pink, his uncle.

Acting on Fred’s intel, the small group of college students — later dubbed “The X-Files Six” — heads out in search of Slade House.

“You Dark Horse You”

Famous Fred Pink meets with Freya Timms, sister of Sally Timms who is also a journalist at Spyglass Magazine.”Famous Fred Pink”